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For this, you only need to send an e-mail to regarding to the post that you’ve came across.

After making the necessary assessment, the necessary documents will be required from the commentary.

If the commentator proves that he/she has the credentials from the e-commerce company to post that comment so the aforementioned comment is not eligible to be REMOVED.

On the other hand if the commentator cannot prove that he/she has the right credentials and also found irrelevant to the post, then it’ll be removed after evaluations are done. And the deleted comment will be replaced by (“This comment has been removed in response to the request of “xxx” company.”).

When the comment you made, reported to us by the e-commerce company, you may be asked for a copy of the invoice related to the service you have received from that website, in order to determine the comment is made by real person rather than a bot.

After you have identified the product you have bought, the comment requested to be removed can only be removed by court decision.